Why Charles?

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What can Charles Marine do to sell my home that I can’t do for myself?

Actually, facts and experience show the difficulties of trying to sell your own house usually far outweigh the benefits.  Here’s what Charles does that a home seller can’t do or finds hard to do.

  • Place your property in the Multiple Listing Service (List your home in RI MLS Home Listing), which exposes your house to all buyers working with cooperating member Brokers.  This effectively puts every agent in town to work helping to get your house sold.
  • Effectively market your home in the world wide web to expose it to different possible buyers.
  • Provide solid, up-to-date market information with recent sales and current listings, which help you, price your house realistically. Such pricing is crucial to the possibility of a quick sale at the best price obtainable.
  • Show your house whether you’re in or not, saving you hours of “minding the store.”
  • Provide prequalified buyers who know what they want and how much they can afford. Screening prospects saves you from the hassle of keeping appointments with “sightseers” and protects you from the threat of “unwelcome visitors.”
  • Show your house to its best advantage.  Buyers often shy away from asking homeowners questions.  Homeowners are sometimes defensive about defects in their houses.  An agent can answer necessary questions objectively and guide the buyer to a purchase.
  • Help you negotiate a satisfactory sale.  Without an experienced mediator to act as a buffer between the parties, many situations bog down.
  • Lead both you and the buyer through the puzzle of rates, points, fees and financing options, helping with loan placement and follow-up, including the provision of names and telephone numbers of specific loan officers.  Without expert knowledge of alternative financial resources, many sales are lost, especially in tight money markets where knowledge of buy downs, variable-rate mortgages, graduated-payment mortgages and various types of seller participation come into the picture.
  • Protect your interests from contract to closing with an understanding of real estate procedures.  An agent has the ability to smooth the way toward agreements and the experience to attend to all the details that must come together before settlement can take place.

Additional Services:

  • Thoroughly inspect your home
  • Submit a progress report on your property twice a month, either by telephone or personal visit, until sold
  • Distribute Property Profile Information concerning your property
  • Place a yard sign within three days after executing a marketing agreement
  • Explain various ways to improve your property to effect a quicker sale
  • Propose financing alternatives to allow your property to appeal to the broadest marketplace
  • Present all offers to you promptly and assist in evaluating them
  • Stay in contact with the buying agent to make sure things are proceeding smoothly
  • To handle the detail work, such as mechanical and termite inspections, title work, earnest money, appraisal, mortgage work
  • To stay in touch with you,  so that you will know what is going on and where we are in the marketing process·  To show you consideration, because I know you are living in your home, and it’s difficult to have it ready to show all the time
  • Be present at closing to assure a successful conclusion

I would like to speak with you very candidly and tell you the truth about what is needed to get your home sold.

May I do that?