For Sale By Owner

For Sale By Owner – Why Use a Realtor Anyway?

For Sale By Owner is just as it sounds, a homeowner trying to sell their home without the assistance of a REALTOR. Can you do this, sure! Do they actually get their house sold, sure! Is it typical? No. About 80% of FSBO’s end up listing their homes with a Professional REALTOR anyway. Here’s why:

1. I do not have the time to make appointments during the day or during normal business hours.

2. How do I know if these potential buyers can qualify for my home?

3. I am not aware of the legal documentation that should accompany a contract.

4. How do you pick a Title Company, and who is suppose to pay their fees? 5. What if the Buyer backs out of the contract? 6. Can I sell my home for market price without using a REALTOR?

7. What coverage do I have if the Buyer sues me a year after closing?

8. Is it worth having a home inspection before putting the house on the market?

9. Who does the home warranty really protect?

10. Will I really be saving the real estate commission if I try to sell myself?

These are some of the many questions that homeowners have to ask themselves before embarking on this endeavor without a professional. What some homeowners don’t realize is that most REALTORS do care. This is our livelihood. We want to sell your home for the highest possible price; our commission is based on sales price. So when we say the house is overpriced, it is! Our goal is to have a smooth transaction, and you be happy with the outcome so the next time you have to buy or sell, you think of us.

Still, anyone can put a sign in the yard and try to sell their home, and some may actually get it sold in a reasonable amount of time. But as with any profession, if you decide to take on the role yourself, you are opening yourself up to potential risks. Licensed REALTORS are just as such, a licensed professional who is capable of guiding you thru the process and assessing the transaction with the least amount of risk possible. We help get your home sold in the least amount of time, for the highest possible price. We ensure that the buyers are qualified to purchase the home and walk you thru the closing process step by step.

In closing, just know that there is a REALTOR out there for each situation. From leases to commercial property, we are licensed to assist with all your real estate needs.